The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
highlights that caron removal is required on a larger scale
to reach Net Zero. C-Capsule provides a robust method
to achieve this objective.


C-Capsule is a tradeable attribute certificate for carbon removal. Each C-Capsule is a verifiable record for CO2 that has been durably removed from the atmospheric cycle. C-Capsule generates additional revenue for carbon removal developers and enables consumers to neutralise their residual emissions footprint as part of their sustainability accounting.

Key Features


Science-based targets require science-based evidence. All C-Capsules are uniquely attributable verified historical facts relating to the durable sequestration of carbon that would have otherwise been emitted to, or remain in, the atmospheric cycle.


Universal methodologies can be problematic when evidencing complex or unique processes. We set a quality threshold for carbon removal developers to become eligible, increasing opportunities to participate in the market through using robust methodologies for every solution.

Durable storage

Developers must evidence both the capture and sequestration of CO2. C-Capsule assures consumers of the durability of carbon removed from the atmospheric cycle over a 100-year time horizon.

Am I eligible for C-Capsule?

Yes, if you can provide robust evidence to support your claims.

The first step is to develop a carbon removal methodology that complies with C-Capsule’s ‘Methodology Protocol’. This document outlines the quality threshold for developers to register their facilities on the Registry. Contact us for further information

All methodologies are subject to independent Accreditation by the International REC Standard Foundation. Methodologies are assessed on their compliance with our core carbon removal principles:

  • Real: C-Capsules quantify tangible CO₂ removal as a positive action rather than estimated avoided emissions.
  • Measurable: -Capsules represent carbon removal activity which can be precisely measured. Projects adhere to methodologies with identifiable measurement points where the volume of carbon removal can be determined through robust and reliable metering equipment.
  • Durable: C-Capsules demonstrate the durable sequestration of CO₂ that has been purposefully removed from the atmospheric cycle for long-term sequestration. Every methodology reflects a defined probability of durability set against a 100-year time horizon.
  • Verifiable: C-Capsules are independently verified at the point of issuance to provide measurable carbon removal and ensure no double counting. Each facilities is audited prior to issuance to verify that characteristics are in adherence with the associated methodology.
  • No-net harm: C-Capsules are not issued at the expense of harmful social and environmental trade-offs. Every methodology adheres to robust, publicly documented environmental and social safeguards ensuring no-net harm to the surrounding community and/or ecosystem by a C-Capsule registered facility.

C-Capsule Benefits

Carbon removers

Owners of carbon capturing facilities can obtain a C-Capsule for every net tonne of CO₂ captured and stored.

Any process able to evidence independently verified carbon capture and storage data is eligible for C-Capsules. Facilities must conform to a defined capture and storage methodology which meets the eligibility criteria of the C-Capsule Methodology Protocol. Facilities are initially audited to establish the metrics of capture, with the objective of a simple, low-cost measurement. Direct carbon emissions from facilities (Scope 1) are periodically audited and deducted to establish the net tonnes of carbon removed.

C-Capsules can be sold as soon as they have been issued, providing a rapid cash return on carbon storage activities.

Carbon emitters

C-Capsule provides a reliable mechanism for companies to mitigate their carbon footprint toward, and beyond, net zero. Companies can either engage directly with facility operators or use market intermediaries to manage their portfolio. At the end of the process, companies receive a redemption statement uniquely identifying all claimed C-Capsules, including details of the originating capture facilities, the process used, and the dates when the removal occurred. This statement can be viewed directly on the C-Capsule registry to support audit of claims.

Dependant on the type of carbon storage or utilisation process, emitters may be able to select C-Capsules that relate directly to their supply chain e.g. airlines could purchase C-Capsules from carbon fibre composite manufacturing.

Market Intermediaries

We recognise the key role played by market intermediaries in providing sustainability reporting services to their clients. C-Capsules carry factual information about every tonne of CO2 removal, allowing intermediaries to deliver bespoke portfolio management services to their clients. As an account holder, a market intermediary can manage client accounts in a secure and confidential manner. Only aggregated data is publicly reported.


C-Capsule actively encourages governments to adopt a common global standard for reporting. Recognising that governments are sovereign, the C-Capsule service is designed to enable government authorities to seamlessly undertake any role within the service on a country-by-country basis, fully compliant with the International Attribute Tracking Standard.

Fair Treatment

The C-Capsule service is provided under a universal tariff to ensure non-discrimination and a ‘level playing field’ in the marketplace. Our service providers are not permitted to participate in the C-Capsule market or have any direct interest in the price of C-Capsules.